In the Stillness

You know those times when a book comes along at just the right moment? I’ve had the privilege of reading my friend Courtney Ellis‘s book Uncluttered and it’s just been a string of moments with God in my life as I read. The book is about decluttering our lives and souls and making space for joy, for God (it’s also really funny and totally down to earth. And I’m not just saying this because she’s my friend and will read this. It’s laugh out loud funny and then soul touchingly meaningful, and all shared through real life stories so it’s super fast and easy to read. And I’m not getting anything out of posting this – it’s just that good I wanted to share. You, too, can get your very own copy here! 😊).

But I digress!

Today I read this passage in Uncluttered

I used to fill every moment I waited in a grocery line with social media browsing, every silence in my car with the radio, every evening with a couple episodes of something or other from Netflix. But now, in these moments between an appointment and the house, between choosing produce and purchasing it, between asking a question and receiving an answer, between getting into bed and falling asleep, I have learned to listen for God. He’s always been present, but it is only now I am learning to hear.

During this holiday season I felt a little distant from the Lord. Now that the whirlwind has passed, I’m realizing that I filled every moment with planning and buying and celebrating – and I mean every moment. I’m pretty sure I was mentally Christmas shopping in my sleep. There was no time – it seemed – to sit and pray like I used to, and I hardly had time even to consider my choices.

But I was just reading in Courtney’s book yesterday (and not coincidentally – I felt like God was calling me to read it!) that busyness is a choice. None of the demands of life have control over us unless we let them. When we choose to create space, God is right there reaching out to us. And wow, you guys, there is no better way to spend time!

It’s hard to change old habits but I’ve resisted social media for a time, almost like a fast, so I can make space for the Lord, and He comes in with such warmth in my heart, such reassurances of His love. Such hope. I’ve recently been grieving several losses in my life (which I was also too busy to grieve – seriously, if you’ve suffered a loss, make time to grieve and do it with the Lord!) and in just a few minutes God graciously unraveled the knots in my soul with truth and hope and kindness. He was beckoning to me when I was all tied up emotionally and when I responded to Him, set things aside and took time with Him, there was such grace there to carry me through.

But I needed to make that space, that time to sit with Him.

What can you set aside today to connect with the Lord?

2 thoughts on “In the Stillness

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