About Me: The Journey Begins

Photo by TNK PHOTO on Unsplash

Thanks for joining me! I’m Jenn. I love my two kids, my husband, my church family (everywhere around the world) and most of all, my Lord, Jesus.

My journey with Him began many years ago. Maybe yours did too. It was that moment when suddenly you knew.

That God is real.

That Jesus is alive and loves you.

And no one could make you doubt it. You’d experienced something real.

But then what? Was that a one time special experience or was God still there, to be known? Why’d He get so quiet?

I began calling out to Him and sitting still. I began seeking Him during the most normal of daily tasks, asking Him to work through me, to meet me. I took my grief and brokenness to Him believing that the God who first showed Himself to me was still there. And I found a God who kept showing up. He’d move in my heart, suddenly help me understand things, comfort me, move in the world around me when I prayed.

These devotions and thoughts on Christian faith are born from those quiet moments and experiences with the wonderful (and one-and-only) God whom I’ve come to call “Dad.” I hope they encourage you as you walk with Him too.

And I hope you’ll share your experiences and questions with me. Because this journey is meant to be walked together, with Him.